Thursday, July 2, 2015

Essays on Comparative Literature

Topics for Essays
1. Write on the Meaning and Scope of Comparative Literature'
2. Discuss the difference between the French and American Schools of Comparative Literature.
3. Trace the significance of 'Genre' in Comparative study.
4. Write an essay on Parallelism.
5. Attempt an essay on the scope of comparison between Literature and Fine Arts.
6. Analyse the differences between 'school' and 'Movement'.
7. Analyse the origin of comparative studies in America.
8. What is Thematology? What are the thematological concerns in Comparative Literature?
9. Discuss 'Epoch' and 'Periods'.
10. How have the insights in the field of Psychoanalysis widened our perspective of literary texts?
11. Discuss the problems concerning genre, and their classifications.
12. Discuss the view that 'literature occurs only in a social context.
13. What are the difficulties present in classifying literature into periods?
14. Trace the history of thematology.
15. Write an essay on the inter-relationship between literature and other arts.
16.  Bring out the relationship between motif and theme.
17. What are the various aspects of comparative Literature?
18. Discuss 'world Literature' and' General Literature.
19. In what sense is the notion of influence central to Comparative Literature?
20. Write on a few important literary terms in connection with Influence Studies.
21. Discuss the importance of Reception study in comparative Literature.
22. What are some of the problems involved in periodization?
23. How useful is Thematology to students of comparative Literature?
24. What are the five kinds of thematic investigation, according to S. S. Prawer?
25. Explain Northrop Frey’s classification of the Genres.
26. Discuss the contribution of Sigmund Freud / carl Jung to the study of literature.
27. How useful is Psychology in analysing Literary Works?
28. Write on Marxism and Literature.
29. What are the different kinds of society? How do they influence the creative writers?
30. Discuss the relation between literature and philosophy.
31. Bring out the relationship of Literature with Fine Arts.

32. Bring out the importance of Translation for the study of Comparative Literature.

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