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FAQ Related to TANGEDCO Electricity Service


1. Explain the process of registration briefly. is the home page of TANGEDCO Limited. A link is available for online payment which leads to another web portal. In this portal, new user sign up is available. Choose this and enter the details required. The service no details are available in the white meter card or in the previous receipts. Choose the region appropriately. An automatic email will be generated on submission of registration particulars and on confirmation through the link on the email, the user is said to be successfully registered. If the service number which you are trying to register is already registered by another consumer, then you will get the message “Consumer number already registered” during registration. Still if you want to register that service number for your account, enter the new username and your email id and register a complaint. An email will be sent to the already registered user to delete his account. If he did not delete his account, the system will check the usage of his account for recent transactions and if no transactions were done by him for the registered service number, then his account will be deleted automatically within 7 days and an intimation email will be sent to you for making new registration.

2. What is consumer No?
The consumer no is the service no available in the white meter card or in the previous receipts.

3. How to key in the consumer no in the New User Registration page?
The consumer (or) service no has to be entered in the box provided for this purpose. If the details available in the White meter card are not legible or is not confirming to the requirement, kindly see the example.
If the service no written in the card is 5 - 5 - 5, then the service no is 0050055

4. To which region do I belong?
The first 3 digit of your consumer number is your section code. Kindly browse my region link to find your region.
5. Is an e-mail id essential?
Yes. Without a valid mail id registration cannot be successful.

6. What will happen if I type a wrong mail id?
Kindly take care to correctly type the mail id. If typed wrongly, the automatic confirmation mail cannot be received. Without confirmation through the link in the mail, you may not be able to login to your account.

7. I have not received the confirmation mail?
May be you have typed a wrong mail id. Your mail is sure to bounce and the registration details will be cancelled if the mail bounces. You may have to retry registration with a proper mail id. Else check your Junk mail in the Inbox.

8. I want to modify my consumer no after registration. Will I be able to change?
No. You cannot change the service number which was used at the time of registration. If the service number need to be modified for the user already registered due to shifting of house, purchase of new house etc , the user has to delete the online user account using the support option and make a fresh registration with the new service number. However any number of additional service numbers can be added/deleted using the Add Service Number option.

9. Is it possible to change my username?
No. You cannot change the username once registered. Alternatively you can delete this account through the support link and make a fresh registration.

10. I am getting the message "Invalid Consumer No" during registration?
If message "invalid consumer Number" is displayed, please ensure the status of your service in the bill status link. It must be "LIVE". Also check whether any new number has been assigned, if so then proceed for registration with new number.


1. How to pay using debit/credit card?
You can pay using credit / debit card of any one of the bank listed under (Any Master / Visa credit card or Debit card of the following banks can be used for making payment) through the 'PAYMENT GATEWAY OPTION' by selecting one of the available gateway whose bank charges are displayed. After entering into any one of the gateways, give your debit/credit card details when asked and proceed for payment.

2. Can I pay for multiple services? Can I pay for owner / tenant / relative / friends?
You may pay for any number of services. The service nos. can be added using the Add Consumer No button.

3. How can I monitor the bill payments?
You may have to regularly check up bill status available in web site. For registered consumers, a mail is generated as soon as the reading is made available from the field.

4. Should I have to print the e-receipt every time?
Not essential. It is only for the purpose of record. You may view payment report in the login and also bill status in web site.

5. There is no entry made in the white meter card if I pay online. Is it mandatory to go to the section office for making entries?
No. The payment details are available in the database.

6. When will the data be available in the site?
The details will be uploaded to the concerned regional servers on the subsequent working day.

7. What shall I do if receipt is not generated / Error Page Displayed?
After a successful transaction, if error page is displayed instead of the receipt, kindly check whether your bank account is already debited with the amount of earlier transaction before attempting to pay again for the same service no. If debited, please do not attempt to pay again for the same service no. The receipt will be sent to your registered email id in reasonable time after receiving the confirmation from the Bank. Also the receipt can be viewed in the payment report in your login id.

8. My transaction is not successful. If I try again, it states that it is already paid. What should I do?
The transaction is broken and will get reconciled automatically within next three working days. Check your bank account. If found debited, please do not attempt to pay again for the same service no.

9. What is advance payment and how will it get adjusted?
Consumers who has got no outstanding dues pending and assessment being carried regularly can make advance payment. The amount will get adjusted automatically on subsequent assessments.

10. I paid Advance Payment. How should I check for subsequent adjustments/balance?
In the bill status report => Monthly Consumption Charge Collection Details=> Advance Amount column depicts the adjusted amount against the advance paid. In the bill status report => Miscellaneous Collection Details=> Pending Amt column depicts the balance amount available against the advance paid.

11. What should I do if I forget my password/username?
You can recover your password through "Forgot Password"/Forgot Username link in the login page.

12. What is ASD and why should I pay?
The adequacy of Security Deposit (SD) will be reviewed once in every two years in case of LT consumers after taking the interest due for the credit available. If available deposit is less than the reviewed Security deposit, the balance will be collected as Additional Security deposit (ASD). If the balance amount is not paid within the due date, the service is liable for disconnection.

13. Where shall I check the CC Deposit amount paid?
All the payments done towards Deposit could be viewed in the bill status => Miscellaneous Collection Details => Account Description=48100-Cc Deposit.

14. How shall I get alert for other Service Numbers in my Id?
Make use of the Updation / Addition of email id of SUPPORT link to modify/update email id and get mail alert.

15. I have Voltage fluctuation, my Meter is running fast/not running/ reading not done etc., Where should I complaint?
For complaints other than billing, approach the concerned section office. Alternatively a complaint can be made through =>Reach Us=> Consumer Complaints.

16. To which Billing Cycle do I belong?
Assessment in TNEB for the energy consumed for LT consumers is done bimonthly. If the assessment is done during the odd month, you belong to Odd cycle and vice versa. To know your Billing cycle, check from the consumer bill status .

17. Can I pay the penalties through online?
If you fail to pay the amount within due date, your service connection is liable for disconnection. However if not disconnected, you can pay through online along with belated surcharges. In case if the service is disconnected, kindly approach the section office for getting reconnected.

18. What is the procedure for getting EB card (White Meter Card) ?
If the White meter card is lost, you may approach the section office and get a new card on payment of Rs 5/-.If the card is full and there is no space to enter the assessment, the same will be issued free of cost.

19. The address in the web site appears to be wrong.
The address corrections have to be done at the section office.

20. What to do for name transfer?
An application has to be submitted to the concerned section office along with supporting documents. The name will be transferred to the new owner on payment of necessary name transfer fees. The details are available under Miscellaneous Charges in the Schedule of Tariff of Billing Services link in

21. Where shall I find the tariff details?
This could be found in the bill status.

22. When I select the consumer for payment message displayed is 'PREVIOUS ASSESSMENT NOT DONE'?
This means no assessment entry has been made by your local EB office for two billing cycle viz., present cycle and previous cycle. In this case the option for advance payment will also be blocked and the consumer will be able to pay only after reading updation by the concerned Section Office.

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Question Paper Comparative Literature

CLASS:  M.A. ENGLISH LIT.                                                                                           14A/379



TIME: 3 Hrs.                                                                                 MAXIMUM MARKS: 100


Answer any TEN questions in about one or two sentences each:                                                                                                               10 x 2 = 20

Who coined the term “Comparative Literature” in English? In what sense
did he use it?
What is the difference between “Comparative Literature” and
“World Literature”?
Write a short note on Russian Comparatists. 
What are the objections raised against influence study?
State the difference between “Influence” and “Imitation”.
Write a note on the kinds of Analogical Studies.
Define Epoch.
What is Period?
In what way “Generation” may be called the “Spearhead” of a period?
Define Genre.
What are the problems faced by a comparatist while making genre-study?
What is the traditional classification of genres?
Who introduced Thematology?
What is a Motif?
How is thematology useful to the comparatists?


Answer all the questions:                                         5 x 8 = 40

Comment briefly on National Literature.


Write a short paragraph on the French School of Comparative Literature.
What are the types of Influence Studies?


What are the factors that govern typological analogies? Explain.
What are the conventional methods of Periodization?


How does Weisstein differentiate between “Movement” and “School”?
How do Plato and Aristotle classify genre?


How is literature classified by Northorp Frye?
Differentiate between “Theme” and “Motif”.


Write a short note on the contributors of Thematology.


Answer all the questions in about 500 words each:   2 x 20 = 40
Write an essay on the study of Influence.


How can a Drama and an Epic be compared based on common qualities.
Give example.
What are Weisstein’s views on Thematology?


What is the traditional classification of genres?


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Essays on Comparative Literature

Topics for Essays
1. Write on the Meaning and Scope of Comparative Literature'
2. Discuss the difference between the French and American Schools of Comparative Literature.
3. Trace the significance of 'Genre' in Comparative study.
4. Write an essay on Parallelism.
5. Attempt an essay on the scope of comparison between Literature and Fine Arts.
6. Analyse the differences between 'school' and 'Movement'.
7. Analyse the origin of comparative studies in America.
8. What is Thematology? What are the thematological concerns in Comparative Literature?
9. Discuss 'Epoch' and 'Periods'.
10. How have the insights in the field of Psychoanalysis widened our perspective of literary texts?
11. Discuss the problems concerning genre, and their classifications.
12. Discuss the view that 'literature occurs only in a social context.
13. What are the difficulties present in classifying literature into periods?
14. Trace the history of thematology.
15. Write an essay on the inter-relationship between literature and other arts.
16.  Bring out the relationship between motif and theme.
17. What are the various aspects of comparative Literature?
18. Discuss 'world Literature' and' General Literature.
19. In what sense is the notion of influence central to Comparative Literature?
20. Write on a few important literary terms in connection with Influence Studies.
21. Discuss the importance of Reception study in comparative Literature.
22. What are some of the problems involved in periodization?
23. How useful is Thematology to students of comparative Literature?
24. What are the five kinds of thematic investigation, according to S. S. Prawer?
25. Explain Northrop Frey’s classification of the Genres.
26. Discuss the contribution of Sigmund Freud / carl Jung to the study of literature.
27. How useful is Psychology in analysing Literary Works?
28. Write on Marxism and Literature.
29. What are the different kinds of society? How do they influence the creative writers?
30. Discuss the relation between literature and philosophy.
31. Bring out the relationship of Literature with Fine Arts.

32. Bring out the importance of Translation for the study of Comparative Literature.